Dubbed the “Sweater Girl,” Georgina Brandolini became famous for creating iconic pieces in the early 2000s. Her brand specializes in luxury knitwear crafted from the most exquisite fabrics: Jaipur and Cashmere Cariaggi, embellished with subtle yet striking & gracious details. The Made In Italy concept is not just a matter of prestige: it promises high-quality products, traditional craftsmanship, and uncompromising excellence of style.

Georgina gives sweaters a new purpose: to shine on essential occasions, whether for an evening rendezvous, a dinner, or a night out. 

“I’ve always worn sweaters, even for the evening. People nowadays dress up less and travel more, so they put a sweater in a suitcase and a pair of black pants.” GB


After working as an intern for Dior when, Georgina Brandolini was introduced to Valentino Garavani in her hometown – Rio de Janeiro, which changed her life. She worked for Valentino for twenty years as an artistic muse, personal aide, and external and public relations director. Then she moved to Balmain as a general manager and marketing strategist. 

These experiences have taught her about an impeccable approach to clothing and given her a solid position to start her fashion venture.

“Georgina has such a personal style that my suggestion was simply to design what she wears or would like,” Valentino says, “She has a passion for sweaters, has a collection of them, and knows every stitch and every yarn. How can she fail?”


Georgina Brandolini knows that a woman is more than her title, a sweater is more than a fashion item, and life is more than material possessions. She always sees more, broader, unfettered, and never looks back at socially imposed patterns. She is a rebel with style and a Fashion virtuoso that constantly creates under the auspices of art, literature, and culture. She is versatile, free-spirited, self-confident, and consistently achieves everything she sets out to do, just like the woman who wears her brand.

Her exclusivity means keeping it small and personal, choosing carefully, and living with dignity.

“You put on something like this, and it’s like a tabletop piece,” says “Scoop” owner Stefani Greenfield. “Someone is going to be Staring at it all night across the dinner table. The sweaters are like Georgina herself — effortlessly chic. “